Exceeding client expectations

Hear from some of the schools we work with directly.

Academica Virtual Schools

Maestro SIS, has provided us with much more than just monitoring and reporting features. Their team has worked tirelessly with us to customize their system to our needs, providing us with specialized pathways for grouping and communicating with students through our motivational and community-building endeavor and creating unique supervisory roles for educational professionals not previously available through a traditional brick-and-mortar mindset. The Maestro SIS team has not only been responsive and gracious with their time and energy but major contributors in helping us think most clearly through potential issues and problems, and of course, proactive solutions. They have ceased to be vendors and have truly become strategic partners and peers.

Quaker Digital Academy

Maestro has allowed us to go from multiple inefficient systems to one central system. When we didn’t have Maestro we had duplicated data entry, scattered data, and an inefficient course enrollment process across three LMS’s. Now, we can quickly scale our organization to meet our needs and all staff members have access to the most up-to-date student information. The entire BocaVox staff has been responsive to every request and willing to handle requests on short notice to get us out of jams (that they didn’t cause). Maestro has allowed us to streamline nearly every process we currently do. In years past we had to work in a chain where one person had to do something before the next task could be started. Now, everyone can work at the same time to quickly process student applications and enrollments. 

“As one of the largest high schools in the state of Colorado, our state reporting needs can be quite demanding.”

 Mix in the necessary changes that the Colorado Department of Education makes each year, and the need for a report that could be exported directly from our SIS was high. Three years ago, we began working with BocaVox to design a report that exports directly from the SIS into a format that is ready to submit to our district. I have found that the programmers at BocaVox to be very responsive to our needs and very easy to work with. It’s also a plus, that there are multiple programmers, so the turn-around time is excellent. Bocavox even built into the program an internal error check, so our Data Pipeline submissions come back very clean, even on the first try! I am very pleased with the state reporting services provided to us by BocaVox.

Goal Academy, CO

Illinois Virtual Schools

We are using Maestro Performer by BocaVox, LLC. We have used it since 2009 and I am extremely satisfied with it! I would definitely recommend Maestro. Here are some of the reasons why:
1) Almost 100% uptime
2) Fantastic service after sale
3) Ability to customize their product to the need of our statewide virtual school
4) Ability to build successful integrations
5) Problem-solving: If you bring a business process to them with which you are struggling, they will do their best to provide possible solutions to you.
6) Ability to update and upgrade: They can run simple new releases almost seamlessly with a minimum of downtime. For major product upgrades, they will work with you to schedule a time that works best for your school.

Nations University

Nations University has been providing distance education for over 25 years and has evaluated and used numerous technology services. Maestro has allowed us to integrate the data from and operation of critical components of our multiple systems to provide a smoother and more robust experience for staff and administration.

In addition, Maestro has provided for us careful support with our new platform. Their new ticket system ensures that all questions get answered in a very timely manner. Their staff is courteous and professional and a pleasure to work with to achieve our goals.

Greenways Academy

This is all great. I am excited to learn more and how to continue making sure that we are organized and able to provide what is needed via Maestro- It really is a neat platform.

Virtual Schools of Excellence

Congratulations, job well done! We are excited to launch…. this is a very good move for us and I must say I am impressed with your team….when we were lax, you dragged us back on schedule, when confused, your team was understanding and helpful, and best of all, you hit your target launch date! Thanks again for everything you did to help us get started. Looking forward to a long relationship!

Ohio Virtual Schools

Thank you a million times. I am not sure how hard it was, but you did it so quickly. You don’t realize how much that helped us for a review we are having today. So grateful for your dedicated customer service.

Thank you much for rushing our request yesterday for the attendance report. We really appreciate your time and efforts on our behalf. You take care of us very well.

Goal Academy

BocaVox’s customer service is the best I have ever dealt with. They have worked extensively to provide us with a level of customization that we simply could not find with any other SIS.

Virtual Learning Academy Charter School

Thank you for so patiently walking us through the creation of Plans of Study yesterday. I’ll be the first to admit that the whole thing seemed quite intimidating to me initially, especially based on all the nuances of our high school requirements.  After our meeting, though, I feel much more comfortable with the process and confident that ultimately we will not miss our tracking spreadsheets in the least!

Summit Education

BocaVox has always been there for us, through thick and thin, even though we have changed content providers 3 times in 3 years, had tremendous growth and a lot of turnover. We know we can always reach someone from BocaVox – even nights and weekends – to take care of our needs, and whenever we need something, it’s always URGENT! Unusually it’s just to fix something we did in a hurry and messed up, or to build a new report that the state is demanding – and you always come through for us! Your forms made it possible for us to get rid of 3 other systems. We never could have gotten to 50,000 enrollments without Maestro to take care of all the work we were doing by hand before we had BocaVox on our team!

Mavericks in Education

It has been an absolute pleasure working with your team to get our instance of Maestro SIS up and running. Given our timeline, budget constraints and need for customization, it was nothing short of miraculous that your team has been able to deliver on time and within budget.
We are excited about the ongoing improvements and features that are constantly being added to the system, and appreciate the immediate support we always get from your team. You guys are geniuses when it comes to finding solutions to difficult problems!

“Their customer service remains unparalleled.”

 As a small, start-up institution, it was absolutely necessary to find an SIS that fit our needs without breaking the bank. But many of the popular options were simply too big and too costly for us, and I began to worry we’d end up with a product that simply didn’t work the way we needed it to. Then we found Bocavox. Dean and his team took the time to understand the details that make our institution unique, and worked with us to find solutions that addressed our needs. Moreover, although our system is now fully implemented, their customer service remains unparalleled. As a Bocavox customer, I know my concerns will always be addressed and my satisfaction valued. Now, as we grow, I am confident we have an SIS that will address and support that growth, leaving me the time and energy to focus more on the success of my students and the future of the institution.

Doral College

University of Science, Arts, and Technology

Thank you for the continually phenomenal support!

Illinois Virtual School of Professional Development

Thank you so much for making my life a bit easier in gathering this information for the ROE! It seems to be working correctly, and I am very appreciative. Thanks for all your support! You rock!

Oaks Christian

…Thanks for your individual work with us. You’ve helped us triple in size this year and prepare for a new year… that should double again. Thank you!

Arizona State University Preparatory Academy

Thanks SO much! You guys are awesome!

Nations University

Changing systems is never easy.  When we first began the transition to Maestro it got a little stressful, but as you wisely advised, we would begin to feel better in few months,  and we did.  In fact, we are now very comfortable with Maestro. Thanks for being the warm and caring person that you are!

Virtual Schools of Excellence

Fabulous work!! I am so happy for you with all of the successes you have been having launching this modern UI! Now with the world class functionality you have added the new UI making it hard to find better in the industry!

“Thank you for your support and working so closely with our team; we truly appreciate it”

Illinois Virtual School