Tuition & Billing

Charging students for tuition and other fees has never been easier with Maestro SIS’s Tuition and Student Billing module.

Maestro SIS can take care of billing & tuition payments with ease

Maestro includes a robust accounting ledger to generate invoices per organization or user type, securely process payments, track payment history, and create financial reports. Payment processing can be supported by an integration with a thirdparty payment gateway, and payment plans can be customized by student type or required business rule, and users can make those payments without ever leaving the system.


Invoices, payments, & purchase orders are recorded in detail on the ledger.

Collect fees through Payment Gateway

Maestro SIS can integrate with external payment gateways to allow online payments for tuition & other school fees.

Payment Plans

Defined payment plans can be offered to the student/guardian.

Integrate with other third-party platforms

Learn more about Maestro's integration capabilities