School Administration

Automate manual processes and streamline administrative tasks to effectively manage any size institution.

Enrollment Management

Course Requests can be automated by grade level and students can be bulk enrolled, dropped, transferred, completed or withdrawn.


Maestro’s Master Scheduler creates campuses, buildings, classrooms and seats and places students and teachers into existing or newly created sections. Multiple ‘trial’ runs can be completed prior to selecting the run that optimizes the students’ and teachers’ schedules.

Degree Audit/Plan of Study

Maestro SIS’s graduation plan is individualized per student, school, group or program & automatically updated upon course completion. This helps students plan their course selections, facilitating requirements tracking for multiple majors and minors.

Bulk Import & Export

Bulk import and export is available for almost all objects and can be carried out from any module. Import and/or edit enrollments, bulk enroll, send messages, and promote students at year-end with just a few clicks. 

Automated Grade Reports

When courses are set to complete, the final grades appear on both the grade report and transcripts.

Faculty Management

Administrators can see the profiles of each faculty member in their organization. Users can associate academic degrees, certificates and majors to faculty members as credentials.

Locker Assignment

Assign & Record Locker Assignments for the Semester.

Integrate with other third-party platforms

Learn more about Maestro's integration capabilities