Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Maestro SIS support 2-way integrations with 3rd parties? Does Maestro SIS provide Single-Sign-On?

Yes! We have been supporting 2-way integrations to Learning Management Systems (LMS) and other 3rd parties since 2007. We have used many methods to ensure a seamless communication stream including internal and external web APIs, flat-file over FTP, CSV, and others.

Maestro SIS supports Single-Sign-On (SSO) for both students and faculty using internal and external methods (REST, SAML, and others). We offer a unique deep linking SSO redirecting students directly from Maestro to where the student left off in the course curriculum, giving easy access for students to support blended and online learning.

How many 3rd party integrations can Maestro support simultaneously?

Maestro SIS allows an unlimited number of simultaneous integrations and SSO, facilitating navigation for schools that provide content from different providers. Having one set of login credentials reduces stress for both students and faculty. Users can log in to Maestro and with one simple click be redirected to any of the LMS’s where their coursework resides.

Do you have a ticketed support system? How quickly do you respond to tickets?

BocaVox offers lifetime technical support to our users via Zendesk. Each Client is provided with unique login credentials to Zendesk to submit tickets and requests. Our friendly support agents are USA based and trained to offer excellent customer service.  Having a well documented trail of issues/requests that may arise allows us to involve all parties necessary to provide rapid solutions. Urgent requests are addressed immediately and most tickets are handled within 48 hours.

How long will it take to implement Maestro SIS?

Maestro SIS out-of-the-box can be implemented and delivered in less than 2 months. If your institution desires customizations, the time will depend on the complexity and number of customizations.

How long has BocaVox been around?

BocaVox was founded in 2003. Maestro SIS was the first commercially available SIS for blended and online learning.

Do you have a front-end portal?

Yes. Maestro SIS has a front end; supporting Student and Guardian accounts. View grades, attendance records and single sign on to any number of learning management systems directly from Maestro. Students and Guardian also love Maestro Mobile for access on the go!

Does it support registration, or do we need a separate system for that?

Maestro SIS provides a registration and enrollment workflow supporting the entire student lifecycle, from lead to alumni.

Is Maestro an all-in-one system, or do I have to purchase additional modules?

Maestro is a comprehensive, ERP solution. No need to separate modules, for a piecemeal solution. Maestro is a single software working seamlessly to provide a centralized hub for all activities to run your institution(s).

Our institution operates differently from most. Will Maestro work for us?
Maestro’s 250 parameters allow a solution tailored to your institution, reducing the need for costly customizations. We can and do build customizations to provide solutions to even the most unique problems, and with every release, we develop for more configurability and flexibility to keep customization costs to a minimum for our partner institutions.

What if I need something changed that is a part of your Core Product?

We have yet to hear a custom request we could not support.

How often do I get an update to Maestro?

Our team works tirelessly to roll out new development to keep Maestro SIS on the cutting edge. We roll out at least one new release per year.

Wouldn’t I be better off with a stand-alone so I can get changes made at any time?

If you contract with a company that offers multiple stand-alone solutions, they will have difficulty providing you support over time, and your implementation is likely to grow stale from a lack of updates. You will be charged for any new development – and chances are, it will take a long time to get them delivered. BocaVox has invested in a unique SaaS infrastructure that has the capability to make many changes mid-release.

What if I need to make a change mid-release?

Not a problem. Field, forms and all reports are all dynamic, and our engineers have built in the capability to allow many more changes on the fly, such as role changes, change to mandatory/non-mandatory fields, and even changes in business rules….

What changes can our staff handle independently?

Your team can add fields, create their own HTML forms, doc requirements and custom reports, email templates, and make changes to leaf tables create notifications for any of the data available on the grid. Administrative users can set-up and change terms, grad plans, and forms — or the BocaVox support team can do it for you.

What if a release falls during my school’s exam period?

We collaborate with our partner institutions individually to schedule their releases at a mutually convenient time.

How do I migrate my data from my current system into Maestro?

Maestro’s bulk data capabilities make it easy to import data using our standardized excel templates.

Can Maestro Support my district & all the schools within it in a single database, keeping the data separated by school?

Maestro’s hierarchy keeps data separated by organization (school or college), providing role privileges accessed ranging from a single school, an entire district, or the entire organization, and if you opt to utilize Maestro’s HTLM organization branding feature, each institution can be branded with its own uniquely branded login page.

What is your Privacy Policy?

We adhere to the Student Privacy Pledge, here is a link to our privacy policy.