Our Mission

At BocaVoxour mission is to engage in the continuous evolution of Maestro SIS to provide academic institutions with a superior software solution to support school administrators and stakeholders while empowering students to succeed. We take pride in our reputation for authenticity and excellence, providing top of the line school administration software and over the top customer service.

Our Story

BocaVox was founded in 2003 by a software engineer and an educator, bringing insights from both industries to the development of Maestro SIS, the first commercially developed student information system for online learning

BocaVox CTO, Jose Sabat, PhD., conceptualized and designed Maestro SIS in 2005 for a virtual high school, setting the industry standard for customized, web-based school administration software with functionality to address the unique needs of distance learning. Features such as communication tracking and academic pacing were widely appreciated by all learning models, motivating him to mentor and direct his team of engineers in the development of a full feature set for brick & mortar schools and colleges.

BocaVox CEO, Sue Diseker, is a former educator dedicated to creating technology to reduce the bureaucratic tasks that burden educators and administrators, allowing them to focus on increasing student achievement.



“We are a no hype company that keeps its promises and goes
above and beyond to earn customer satisfaction.”
Sue Diseker, CEO



BocaVox invests in ongoing new development to give our institutions a competitive technological advantage. We consult regularly with our network of trade organizations, partners, and users to hear their wishes, while making sure to keep up with trends in the education industry.  Our team of highly qualified developers thrives on innovation and is committed to product excellence and a constant flow of enhancements and new features. We have 17 years of expertise from gathering best practices of leading pioneers in online & blended learning and more recently, from the leaders in competency-based learning.  


Let us show you our test site with over 2,000,000 enrollments to prove Maestro SIS’s scalability!



Our Values

Following through with our commitments and proving our value every day. Transparency + Trust = Strong Partnerships

To our customers, to each other, and in the development of Maestro SIS

To do more with less, to create innovative solutions to surprise and delight our customers


Our Leadership Team

Sue Diseker, CEO

Sue Diseker holds a BA degree from Agnes Scott College with a secondary teaching certificate. She has taught in both public and private schools in Georgia, Florida, and Rio de Janeiro Brazil, and worked in an administrative capacity for one of the early pioneers in online learning. Ms. Diseker is an advocate for using technology to reduce redundant administrative tasks to enable educators to focus their efforts on ensuring student success. She shares the insights she gathers from frequent communication with partner institutions with the BocaVox dev team, translating industry needs into solutions.

Dr. Jose H. Sabat CTO

Dr. Sabat was awarded a fellowship from the French government to earn his PhD from L’Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Toulouse, France. He was AVP of Network Planning for Central and South America fifteen years with Nortel Networks. In 2000, Dr. Sabat founded Boca Photonics, Inc. of Boca Raton, FL, where he oversaw development of an optical control plane. In 2003, he established BocaVox in Weston, FL to address the needs of online learning, and continues to mentor BocaVox’s best ever team of talented developers to keep Maestro SIS on the cutting edge.

Flavio de Andrade, Jr. Ph.D. Counsel

Earned Ph.D. in Financial Economics from The Kellogg School of Northwestern University, Dr. Andrade provides counsel to the BocaVox management team, enabling them to find solutions which maximize enterprise value. He has guided the firm’s strategic planning and growth by searching for the best long term opportunities, steering the firm to remain focused on management of productive resources to ensure maximum profitability and attracting the most value added clients. Under de Andrade’s guidance, BocaVox’s impressive growth continues to rise.

Dr. Ronaldo Cesar Coelho Financial Advisor

Dr. Coelho founded and later sold London Multiplix Banks. Dr. Coelho has served as the Secretary of Industry and Commerce, as well as Secretary of Health for the state of Rio de Janeiro, and has served several terms in the Brazilian congress. Since his retirement from banking, Dr. Coelho has been actively engaged in several philanthropic endeavors to improve public education in Brazil.

Why should you choose Bocavox?

  • A company dedicated to staying ahead of industry trends, with the technological skills to implement them
  • A client services team fully dedicated to providing unparalleled Customer Service
  • The option to choose configurations from over 360 optional parameters, or customizations to accommodate your unique business rules
  • A User-Friendly interface enabling users to become proficient in just a few hours
  • Proprietary IP that enables us to make business rule changes on the fly
  • A fully integrated SaaS solution with ongoing free updates, to keep your education software system on the cutting edge
  • A web based application with the highest level of security in cloud hosting
  • Multiple free configurations, or the option of customizations to support your unique business needs
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Exponential scalability for high performance to support your institution’s growth

Awards and Certifications

The EdTech Awards

Maestro Student Information System was a Cool Tool finalist in the 2019 Ed Tech Awards for SIS Solution, Administrative Solution, Classroom Management Solution, and Enrollment & Admissions Solution.

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses

BocaVox CEO, Sue Diseker, is a proud alumna of Goldman Sachs 10,000 small businesses program.


BocaVox is a 10 year member of the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL).

WBENC Certified

BocaVox is WBENC certified (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council). BocaVox is a majority woman-owned business and has been a proud member of WBENC since 2007. Our WBENC certification gives purchasers increased opportunities for federal funding.

Reader's Choice Awards

Maestro Student Information System received an Honorable Mention in the 2013-2014 Reader’s Choice Awards from eSchool News.